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GPTs Recommended in OpenAI's GPT Store

GPT Store

Since the launch of GPT Store in OpenAI, there has been tons of customised and specialised GPTs for ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise and Team users to choose. These GPTs have been categorised into various aspects such as productivity, research & analysis, education and lifestyle. In the following, some specialised GPTs will be introduced that are conducive to people' study, career development and daily life.

If you want to design something, like social media post, logo or powerpoint for presentation, ChatGPT with Canva would be your right-hand man for developing your business on social media.

For instance, users like to make a logo for their business which can represent the branding. You can just simply type your prompt about the company's ethos, style or colour tone then the AI would automatically generate different logos for your reference. Here is the example below.

GPT Store

Then different logos as below have been generated based on the prompt and users can also straight to edit the logos in Canva by simply clicking the images generated in ChatGPT.

GPT Store
GPT Store

Searching and drafting academic paper are believed to be one of the major challenges for university students. However, due to the launch of ChatGPT with Consensus, the process of searching and drafting academic paper could be time-saving and simplified as it helps users to answer scientific questions with insights from some relevant papers, drafting content for your protocol or report and conducting research based on other researches.

For example, you are going to draft a paper about COVID-19 vaccination rate in Hong Kong. What you need is to understand the situation by searching different papers, data and graph. You can type your prompt into ChatGPT with Consensus. The example is shown in the following.

GPT Store

Then the results will be generated based on user's prompt. The example is as below.

GPT Store

From the results, users can see that GPT shows various papers and researches related to the situation of COVID-19 vaccination rate in Hong Kong and it also points out the key findings and highlights the crucial data from each paper.

GPT Store

In the ages of generative AI, there are number of videography with AI that make you can create a video or clip by just sitting in front of your computer. But the fact is that these websites are usually difficult to use especially in terms of complexed interface. However, VideoGPT by VEED in OpenAI can solve this problem since what we do to create a video is just simply type a prompt to the AI, such as the theme of the video, the message users want to delivery and the target audiences.

If you have no idea about how to make a prompt, you could just click "Let's create a video" for the first step.

GPT Store

The AI would guide you more by providing various hints and details about your video if your prompt was not clear enough like the example below.

GPT Store

To make a video with high quality, the AI asks user for different details of the video such as target audiences, key features and call to action after watching the video. Once you answer these questions, the video will be generated automatically through VEED.

GPT Store

After generating the video with AI, user can easily edit the video in VEED's video editor by just clicking the video in OpenAI. Here is the video generated according to the prompt above.

To conclude, GPT Store in OpenAI can provide users with variety of GPTs having different features. It is much more easier for user to be guided by customised GPTs if they found the basic ChatGPT difficult to use since there was no guideline for users.

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