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Generative AI In Creating Content

With the rapid advancements in information technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated various aspects of our lives.

AI has not only played a significant role in industries, healthcare, and transportation, but Generative AI has also demonstrated its immense potential in the fields of art and human creativity. This article will introduce how different types of Generative AI can synergize with students’ creativities.


Generative AI is a novel and revolutionary technology, offering unprecedented ways of creating content. Nowadays, with specific websites or software (such as POE, Picsart, and VEED.IO), one can easily and quickly generate various forms of content, including text, images, and videos, by inputting different requirements or instructions - a.k.a. Prompt Engineering. This enhances students' efficiency in the creative process, helping them grasp the trends and applications of technological advancements.

Text Generation—Language model-based chatbot

With the continuous development of AI technology, generative AI chatbots play a crucial role in creativity and content creation. AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT and Claude-instant, serve as auxiliary tools in the creative process. By conversing with these chatbots, users can propose ideas and ask questions, and the bots will provide relevant information and suggestions based on the user’s input and needs. This can help ignite creativity and expand thinking, offering students a novel way of creating content.

Image & Video Generation— Text-to-image and Text-to-video AI Generators

In addition to text generation, Generative AI can also be applied in the fields of images and videos creation. Students can instruct the AI to generate images and videos of various styles and tones, stimulating their imagination and enabling the creation of unique works, whether they be character designs or animations. Generative AI proves to be a powerful tool in cultivating creativity among students.

This is the "iPhone Moment" of AI. At Creato, our goal is to equip individuals and businesses with the relevant knowledge and skills to thrive in the creator economy.

Our latest course integrates Generative AI with creativity, showcasing how Generative AI is applied in creating desirable content across texts, images and videos. They can apply cutting-edge Generative AI techniques to their creativity by learning the fundamental principles and related technologies of AI. The course objective is for students to develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills with the aid of Generative AI, as well as understanding the limitation and ethics in using Generative AI related tools in the creator economy.

What Is Creato?

Creato is an education technology start-up in the creator economy. Our belief in “Being a Creator” as a future profession, led us to unite and develop cutting-edge products tailored for creators.

We provide customized education solutions to upskill individuals and businesses to thrive in the creator economy. Our courses range from various creative segments taught by worldwide content creators, to latest creative technologies and tools including topics like GenAI tools.

Our flagship AI-powered technological tool - Creato Lens empowers creators to augment visibility of their content across social media, underpinned by data-driven insights and personalized recommendations.

Our vision is to empower content creators to transform creative endeavors into sustainable and thriving professions. We are committed to build a future where creators can harness their talents to achieve lasting success.

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