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Creato LENS

AI Hashtag Maker

Creato LENS is the easiest way to grow content visibility on social media channels.

10X organic reach & impressions.
Powered by AI.

Learn about Creato LENS

Check out how we make the magic happen.

What problems we are trying to solve?

Difficulty in SEO and Hashtag

Struggle to use hashtags and promote SEO effectively to improve my content's visibility online.

Low Organic Reach

Your valuable content cannot reaching a wide and targeted audience, hindering growth and engagement. potential.

Low Impressions

Frustrated with the low number of impressions my website content receives, as it limits the visibility and reach of my message.

Creato LENS can solve these problems!

Four functions provided by Creato LENS

Provides the functions necessary for success


No More
Second-guess hashtag trends,
Inconsistent impressions, Complex tools,
& 3rd party teams. 

Creator Lens vs. Standard Hashtag Tools.

See What creators are saying

Your content deserves more visibility. 

Jacky - Wedding Photographer

Tried it for 3 posts in a row, and my impression rates grew more than 20% from the hashtag category. Great tool to get more exposure.

Avenna - Videographer

"I was able to get 5,000+ organic impressions based on the hashtags used by Creato lens! Will use it more often in the future."

Jessica - Content Manager

A great tool for us to get more viewers for our video content on social media. Digital marketer should definitely consider trying it!

Your Content Deserves More Visibility!

Who Uses Creato Lens?

Content Managers

Individual Creators

Digital Marketers


How It Works

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Create Insta-bot


Input a 5-8 word-prompt for our AI model


Generate hashtag trends
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