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We have an exciting opportunity for you to join our exclusive Creators Lens community.

Granting you early access and special privileges on the Creators Lens platform.

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📝 Fill out the Form and Get Whitelisted for Creato Lens! 🎉 填寫表格,並獲得 Creators Lens 的白名單!


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Creato LENS preliminary survey

Which role in Instagram you define yourself is? 您在 Instagram 上定義自己的角色是什麼?
How often do you make post on social media? 你在社交媒體上發帖的頻率是多少?
Did the following situations happen before in your post? 以下情況在您的帖子中發生過嗎?
What are the major difficulties or challenges you encounter during running your social media page? 以下那些是您於經營社交媒體時可能遇到的主要困難或挑戰?
What are the purposes of your instagram post? 以下那些是你的 Instagram 帖子的目的?
Would you like to schedule a meeting with us to tell us more about your story? 您是否願意和我們進一步分享您在經營社交媒體的故事?
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