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Career Series

Designed for empowering individuals to pursue content creation or slasher as a profession. Through a comprehensive curriculum and industry insights, students gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of modern content creation.

Students can develop innovation, technical expertise, and an entrepreneurial mindset, to prepare students for a successful careers as content creators, equipped to meet the demands of the digital age.

Path to become a Creator KOL

Course Overview

The field of content creation provides various career paths, such as becoming a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), YouTuber, influencers.

Students can learn about the production ecosystem from scratch, with guidance from industry experts.

By delving into these subjects, individuals can establish a solid foundation in these areas and gain hands-on experience in video production.

Path to become a Creator 

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Topic 1

Videography - pre-production

  • Idea brainstorming; find your voice, style, niche

  • Introduction to different equipment for videographing

  • Prepare script & team roles for video shooting

  • Mini-project to put learning into practice; with feedback


Topic 2

Videography - on-site shooting

  • Storytelling – know your audience

  • Set up your audio & lightning

  • Learn about types of cameras & associated gear

  • Shoot your A-roll & B-roll

  • How to talk to the camera


Topic 3

Video Editing & post-production

  • Media file management

  • Title and effects of Videos

  • Adding b-roll (image, stock footage) & Voice-over

  • Copyrights (Music, Image, Video)

  • Editing workflow with Adobe softwares

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Topic 4

Ethics management and digital marketing

  • Thumbnail, Title and description for your ready content 

  • Research for keywords with SEO tools

  • Uploading process to YouTube / Facebook / Instagram

  • Ethics management and consideration in running Social Media

  • Get your audience’s attention to your channel

  • Mechanism of Social Media algorithm


Topic 5

Studio Visit

  • In-person visit to popular YouTuber work studio in Hong Kong

  • Get to see Studio set-up, equipment, workflow, behind-the-scene etc.

  • Sharing & Discussion session with Career as a Content Creator


Intended Learning Outcome

What students can take away from the course


Develop practical skills in script planning, writing, and editing for video production.


Ensure ethical compliance with copyright laws for production.


Establish knowledge in managing social media channels.


Cultivate a curiosity for further exploration of content creation-related career & learning opportunities



The Future Career Development Sharing Session brings together content creators, slashers, and YouTubers from diverse industries to exchange ideas. Students can learn and explore future career opportunities.

Attendees will hear personal stories, challenges faced, and strategies employed by successful professionals in branding, monetization, audience engagement, and industry trends.

This session aims to inspire and inform, fostering connections and paving the way for future career success in the dynamic world of content creation.

Future Career Development 

Image by Paul Fiedler

Featured Creators

Exceptional content creators who have captivated audiences with their creative storytelling