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The Economic Impact and Job Transformation Potential of Generative AI

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A report by Andrew McAfee, supported by Google, explores the economic impact and job skill transformation brought by generative AI. Designated as a "general-purpose technology," generative AI accelerates economic growth similar to historical innovations like the steam engine or machine learning. The report indicates significant productivity gains and predicts that 80% of U.S. workers could perform tasks twice as quickly with generative AI. Contrary to fears, it suggests generative AI won't cause massive job losses but will require reskilling efforts, especially for roles emphasizing creativity and analysis. Tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are committing to upskilling millions of workers. The report emphasizes that companies not investing in AI may face layoffs, predicting a shift similar to previous technology adoptions. Generative AI presents opportunities for an aging workforce and could mitigate wage inequality by enhancing the performance of entry-level employees.

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Reference>Generally Faster: The Economic Impact of Generative AI                        

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