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Intelligence in Academia and Ethical Issues

Artificial Intelligence in Academia
Image source: Turnitin

An increasing number of students are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT to aid in writing academic papers. In April last year, Turnitin, a leading education technology company in the United States, introduced AI writing detection functionality. The system analyzed over 200 million papers received in the past year and found that approximately 20% of the global 22 million papers showed traces of AI writing, with up to 80% of content generated by AI. The Financial Times highlighted the widespread phenomenon of cheating using AI tools like ChatGPT for paper writing, mentioning the challenge academic institutions face in detecting suspicious papers. Turnitin's CEO, Chris Caren, noted that using tools like ChatGPT doesn't necessarily equate to cheating, but currently, AI cannot be used to grade papers. Some universities have introduced interview components to detect and prevent AI cheating, as reliance on AI for assignments could pose risks for future employers in terms of hiring potentially underqualified graduates.

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