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Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with Microsoft's AI-Powered Chatbot

AI-powered cybersecurity solution

Microsoft introduces Security Copilot, an innovative AI chatbot tailored for cybersecurity professionals. Set to launch commercially on April 1, Security Copilot utilizes AI, including ChatGPT and Microsoft's security-specific language model, to offer real-time insights on security incidents, vulnerabilities, and potential threats. The service aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of security analysts, as evidenced by a study showing a 22% increase in speed and 7% improvement in accuracy. With a pay-as-you-go model, Microsoft aims to make AI tools more accessible, allowing businesses to scale usage according to their needs and budget. This move reflects Microsoft's commitment to fostering secure adoption of AI technologies across various industries, recognizing both opportunities and challenges that come with AI advancement in cybersecurity.

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What Is Creato?

Creato is an education technology start-up in the creator economy. Our belief in “Being a Creator” as a future profession, led us to unite and develop cutting-edge products tailored for creators.

We provide customized education solutions to upskill individuals and businesses to thrive in the creator economy. Our courses range from various creative segments taught by worldwide content creators, to latest creative technologies and tools including topics like GenAI tools.

Our flagship AI-powered technological tool - Creato Lens empowers creators to augment visibility of their content across social media, underpinned by data-driven insights and personalized recommendations.

Our vision is to empower content creators to transform creative endeavors into sustainable and thriving professions. We are committed to build a future where creators can harness their talents to achieve lasting success.

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