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Meta launches a new AI model: Llama 3

Meta AI

Meta is escalating its AI assistant, integrating it across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, aiming to challenge ChatGPT's dominance. The company unveils Llama 3, its latest AI model, boasting superior performance in various tasks, including coding. Meta AI's reach expands globally, enhancing user experience with real-time search results and upgraded image generation features. Despite comparisons to Snapchat and TikTok's incorporation into Meta's apps, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasizes Meta AI's potential as a major product. Open-source versions of Llama 3 are released for developers, signaling Meta's commitment to innovation. The focus on Llama 3 is to minimize false refusals, ensuring accurate responses to user prompts. While Meta remains tight-lipped about specific training data, its AI advancements reflect the rapidly evolving landscape. Zuckerberg hints at future iterations beyond Llama 3, emphasizing Meta's long-term vision to lead the AI industry. The goal is not merely to compete but to establish Meta AI as the premier AI globally.

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