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How Do We Support Creators?

For Creators onboard

So you have discovered the good parts of starting a DareMe, but what's more on Creato?

We only succeed when creators succeed. We support creators' development and nurture their creation journey, so that we can grow and succeed together.

How we support:

  • Support in Video Production: If you have any questions re video production, we have a professional team that may assist you, including provide you with know-how, video production 101, or support on filming, you name it.

Simply contact our team members via

  • Podcast channel - Create Together: We invite creators to share their experience on our podcast channel regularly. With this, you can gain more exposure on another platform and let your fans understand your story behind! Share your BTS with your fans and raise curiosity from the crowd.

Podcast channel: YouTube / Spotify

  • Creato Community: Creators on board will be able to join the Creato Community. You can easily find your peers/other creators in other specialty areas and collaborate with them. Don't worry! We are here to bridge you and to avoid embarrassment (if any). We organise meet-ups and community events to gather creators together for the support of each other. Give us a shout if you wish to collab with anyone.

  • Digital Marketing: We understand up and growing creators may want to gain more exposure on digital channels. It is competitive out there, and it is the best for you to find your target audience and penetrate the right market. In order to do so, we provide digital marketing solutions including promoting your background, niche and creation area on our social platforms. We love our creators, and so does our audience! Creato Blogs / Creato Instagram

More to come!

We are here to support our creators in all different ways. Having you onboard will be our greatest pleasure and if you wish to have any kind of support, please feel free to share with us, we love to hear from you!

Coming Soon...

  • Discounts on creator essential programmes / gadgets / tools.


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