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Course Overview

This course provides students with a series of comprehensive skillsets in creating content along with latest Generative AI technologies.

Different topics are covered e.g. videography with AI, photography with prompt design, graphic design and illustration, as well as creative writing.


Topic 1

Videography with AI

  • Basic operation, principles and technique of filming & editing

  • Introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in script writing & video editing

  • Learn about types of cameras & associated gear; and usage

  • Mini-project to put learning into practice; with feedback

  • Leadership & communication development in small team environment


Topic 2

​Photography & Prompt Design

  • Exposure and composition

  • Mobile photography

  • Different types of photography (Landscape, product, night, etc.)

  • Introduction to prompt design to create images & visuals

  • Art tools for image generation with customised prompts

Closeup of camera screen

Topic 3

Graphic design & Illustration with AI

  • Introduction to Graphic Design and Illustration

  • Principles of typography

  • Exploring color theory in design

  • Layout and composition techniques

  • Creative design with Gen AI, such as Thumbnail and school flyer

  • Hands-on practice


Topic 4

Creative writing with AI

  • Introduction to Creative Copywriting

  • Defining the importance of target audiences

  • Exploring digital communication channels

  • Introduction to creative copywriting with Gen AI

Intended Learning Outcome

What students can take away from the course


​Be competent to apply Generative AI tools in videography, photography, graphic design and creative writing


Nourish interest and curiosity in world of Content Creation


Develop critical thinking & leadership via working in small groups


Nurture “Design-led” mindsets with AI 

"The instructors were very passionate in participating within the events and gave us many suggestions, I learnt many things during this workshop.There were also many random comedic moments that I absolutely loved. Keep up the good work!"

Harvey Chen, Student

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