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Talk to our creator:Adventures of Ron @Singapore


Intro: Adventures of Ron - GoPro Singapore

Ron Ng is a GoPro trainer and outdoor enthusiast, who posts adventurous content creations and is keen on surf skating lately. His YouTube channel - "GoPro Work" & "GoPro Tips" covers tutorials on how to use a GoPro to stimulate creativity!

How did Ron begin his relationship with GoPro?

Back in 2014, Ron brought a GoPro Hero 3+ for his 2-month backpacking trip to Europe. He saw some incredible videos created by GoPro online which happened to be the ideal type of camera that he was looking for.

After Ron's graduation, he was thinking about what to do for his career and later on he started to work for the Singapore GoPro distributor. After three years of working at the retail shop, holding events and product management, the US headquarter of GoPro noticed Ron's great performance and asked him to join their training team. That's the story of how Ron got acquainted with GoPro eventually.

photo: IG@adventuresofron

Ron started his YouTube channel in 2020!

'I always love creating videos but I never envisioned myself having a YouTube channel,' said Ron who thought he didn't have a great personality to talk in front of the camera with camera-shy sometimes. Yet, the pandemic somehow inspired and motivated him to kick off his YouTube channel in 2020. The Covid-19 lockdown was a big stop to everyone's life so as Ron. He decided it was the time to kill boredom and commence some interesting stuff.

In the beginning, Ron realized that everything went online instead of face-to-face due to the pandemic. Uploading some educational materials and GoPro tips, Ron evolved his YouTube channel into something more meaningful and beneficial to the audience.

photo: IG@adventuresofron

How did Ron give creative content?

'Some people would say it's about the experience but I would say experience comes from planning, ' Ron revealed. 'If you plan to do a shoot, you should ask yourself why you want to do that in the first place. What is the objective and purpose of the shoot,' added Ron. It is essential for people who want to do content creation to define what they want to achieve and the next step is how they would like to present their ideas. Otherwise, you may end up shooting many video clips but have no idea how to present them well in purpose.

Besides, uploading videos is a long-term commitment for every content creator. Ron took a break when he was based in Thailand for 18 months last year. He hopes he has more time to upload content and get back into the rhythm.

photo: IG@adventuresofron

Ron's tips for people who want to do content creations

1. Stop hesitating and start shooting

2. Just hit the shutter button, you can always delete the footage if you don't like them.

3. On the contrary, the more you press the shutter button, you start shooting and you know what you actually take away is knowledge and experience. You will ultimately find out what content you prefer and enjoy

photo: IG@adventuresofron

Adventures of Ron shares about his content creation journey in the podcast. Want to know more about Ron?

Click the photo below!

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