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A Journey Through the 'Path to Become a Creator' Course to Cultivate Creativity

Cultivate Creativity


Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of content creation with our innovative course, "Path to Become a Creator" Designed to ignite the creative spark and nurture curiosity, this program is led by the experienced content creator, Samantha Sum. Throughout the semester, small group of students will immerse themselves in a series of enriching sessions aimed at mastering videography, social media management, and digital marketing.

Course Features

1. Comprehensive Knowledge Sessions

Delve into a range of informative sessions covering important aspects of content creation, from the fundamentals of videography to the details of digital marketing strategies.

Cultivate Creativity
Cultivate Creativity

2. Studio Visit:

Experience an exclusive behind-the-scenes sight into the world of a professional content creator with an in-person studio visit. Let students explore studio setups, equipment, and workflows while gaining valuable insights into potential career paths.

Cultivate Creativity
 Cultivate Creativity

3. Outdoor Shooting Day

Put theory into practice with an exciting outdoor shooting day, where students will have the opportunity to apply their newfound skills in real-world settings.

Cultivate Creativity
Cultivate Creativity

Course Design

"Path to Become a Creator" has been structured into 10 engaging sessions, the course is divided into four main topics:

  • Videography: Explore the art of pre-production, on-site shooting, and post-production techniques.

  • Video Editing: Master the skills of video editing and post-production processes to create captivating and eye-catching content.

  • Social Media Management & Digital Marketing: Learn effective strategies for managing social media channels and implementing digital marketing campaigns.

  • Ethics in Running Digital Channels: Understand the ethical considerations involved in maintaining digital channels and engaging with online audiences.

Cultivate Creativity
Cultivate Creativity

Skill Development

This immersive learning experience enables students to develop practical skills and knowledge essential for success in the digital landscape. Key takeaways include:

  • Train-the-Trainer Course: Share acquired skills with peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

  • Social Media Management: Gain ability in managing school social media channels and assisting with video production for school events.

  • Script Planning & Editing: Learn essential techniques for script planning, writing, and editing in video production.

  • Copyright Ethics: Understand the importance of copyright ethics when using music, images, and footage in digital content.

  • Participation in Video Competitions: Put newfound skills to the test in video competitions, polishing teamwork abilities and having fun in the process.

Cultivate Creativity
Cultivate Creativity

Who Is This Program For?

This course is ideal for students passionate about video production and eager to represent their school in video competitions.

Instructor Expertise

Samantha Sum brings a wealth of experience as a digital content creator, editor, and director for online media. With expertise in digital marketing, she offers invaluable insights and guidance to students throughout the course, ensuring a rich and rewarding learning experience.

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What Is Creato?

Creato is an education technology start-up in the creator economy. Our belief in “Being a Creator” as a future profession, led us to unite and develop cutting-edge products tailored for creators.

We provide customized education solutions to upskill individuals and businesses to thrive in the creator economy. Our courses range from various creative segments taught by worldwide content creators, to latest creative technologies and tools including topics like GenAI tools.

Our flagship AI-powered technological tool - Creato Lens empowers creators to augment visibility of their content across social media, underpinned by data-driven insights and personalized recommendations.

Our vision is to empower content creators to transform creative endeavors into sustainable and thriving professions. We are committed to build a future where creators can harness their talents to achieve lasting success.

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