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Talk to our creator:Baki Zainal 巴麒@Malaysia

圖片來源:YouTube @Kate 林樂儀 , IG @katelamlokyee 截圖


Intro:Baki Zainal - travel/outdoor content creator

Malaysian television presenter and radio host Baki Zainal 巴麒 shares his thoughts on the challenges he faces from transitioning his work from traditional media to a become content creator. Baki is well known as the host of the adventure and travel show "Step Forward" 《横行8道》.

photos:IG @bakizainal
photos:IG @bakizainal

photos:IG @bakizainal
photos:IG @bakizainal

How Baki started content creation?

"Content creation only happened to me in past 4 years. I have been a TV personality for 18 years, I have been doing traditional media like TV hosting from travel show to entertainment shows to acting. I'm very used to have people to shoot me and having director and producers telling me what to do."

"For the past 4 years after I met gopro, I realised that I can transcript my voice across. Being a content creator, and the beauty of it - is sending your voice across and showing people what you want to show them."

photos:IG @bakizainal
photos:IG @bakizainal

When did you start using GoPro? How's your relationship with GoPro?

"I think it has been a beautiful relationship."

Because of the TV travel shows 橫行8道, Baki got to travel to many places with my GoPro. When GoPro Hero 7 launched, GoPro approached Baki to collaborate. Baki said he was a blind person when it comes to technology, GoPro said hero 7 is meant and built for everyone.

He went on a trip in Penang, after a day of shoot with the camera, he edited the video on the phone at the airport for 2 hours. And he thought, if he were to able to make a video, everyone could do it. GoPro Hero 7 and the editing app opened the eyes for him to create and share with others. Then he got back to GoPro and became a GoPro brand ambassador.

Transition from working in the tradition media to a content creator

I was very happy when I got to do my own content, whether or not if people are watching it.

because you can't always please everybody. But you have to hold on to this idea that, if it ends in your mind and not in your audience's mind, you failed.

Because your are a content creator, you are a director, you are pushing across a message. If your message doesn't end in your audiences mind, your audience doesn't understand it, you failed.

In my case, when I started content creation, I just held on one thing 勿忘初衷. What was the intention that I wanted to do this, why I wanted to do this.

"My intention of doing this is to share my story."

Baki's tips for anyone who want to be a content creator?

Be you. Tell your story. Don't try to be anyone else. If I was to look at your story, I was to follow you is because I want to listen to you. I don't want to listen to anyone else.

If you want to be someone else, you are not special. you're just a copyright. No matter if your followers are 10,000 or 100,000, these followers are the people who wants to listen to you.

It brings a lot when it comes to marketing, media and building yourself as a person.

Be You! Tell your story!

photos:IG @bakizainal
photos:IG @bakizainal

Baki shares about his content creation journey in the podcast. Want to know more about Baki?

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