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Talk to our creator:Amelyn & Dan @Singapore


Intro: - Amelyn & Dan -lifestyle/outdoor/travel content creator

Through the YouTube channel named Amelyn Beverly, Amelyn & Dan are one of the sweetest lifestyle and travel content creators from Singapore. With around 127K followers on Amelyn's instagram, they are well known for their fantastic shooting in every travelling vlog, lively amazing shooting skills and as well as couple activities that are full of fun. Through watching their content, you would definitely feel their love and joy!

photo:IG @amebeverly
photo:IG @amebeverly

How did Amelyn & Dan start content creation?

We were told that "Starting the content creation journey was purely accidental". After graduated from college, both Amelyn and Dad had no idea what to do next, and decided to take a gap year and travel around the world. Along the trips, they posted all their travelling content online and gathered a group of followers. Different travel brands and companies started to reach them as well. Since then, they have started their content creation journey !

photo:IG @amebeverly
photo:IG @amebeverly

When did Amelyn & Dan start to become GoPro brand ambassador?

In 2018, Amelyn & Dan decided to take a trip to somewhere that is special and non-conventional. As a result, they flew to Pakistan and decided to create a video filmed entirely with a GoPro (Back then, they have still not yet become the GoPro ambassadors). They just shot their videos by the GoPro. After Dan finished editing the entire video, he showed it to GoPro and GoPro would like to let them on board as their ambassador in Singapore!

photo:IG @amebeverly
photo:IG @amebeverly

What challenges do Amelyn & Dan face in their content creation?

"Sometimes the circumstances just do not allow you to take that perfect shot..." Amelyn & Dan said that there are times where, for example, bad weather or long waiting queue, can be the greatest obstacles that prolonged their shooting time. There was once they had to wait for three hours to take a shot next to the White temple in Thailand, Chiang Mai!

Besides the above-said unexpected situation, being a content creator may also mean having an unstable schedule. They need to plan their own schedule and timetable in order to get work done and to juggle between work and life. Although this might mean more flexibility, but it would still be hard for them to spare time to meet friends and family, as their schedule might not be in the same pattern.

photo:IG @amebeverly
photo:IG @amebeverly

Amelyn & Dan's tips for anyone who want to be a content creator?

Amelyn:"Do what you want to do! Worse regretting than actually trying and then failing. "

Amelyn encourages people to do what they want to do and don't let the fear of other to judge and stop them from trying to pursue what they are passionate about. People will never know what they can actually accomplish if they do not try.

Dan: "Just have fun! "

Once you believe in what you do, others will believe it as well and feel inspired. Therefore, just be prepared and have fun!

photo:IG @amebeverly
photo:IG @amebeverly

Amelyn & Dan shares about her content creation journey in the podcast. Want to know more about Amelyn & Dan?

Click the photo below!

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