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Why content creators love Creato?

Andy Kong (GoPro Ambassador)

Andy, a tech savvy content creator. As a basketball player and outdoor sports enthusiast in search of a better way to film himself and his friends, Andy started his journey as a content creator 6 years ago.

Andy's content mainly focuses on tech, gadget, action camera analysis and travel vlog. He shares knowledge on his shooting experience and is aspired to be his audience's creative inspiration!

How Creato Helped?

Before adopting Creato, I get my content ideas from websites, taking reference from other creators and social media. I never really asked my audience what they want to watch next. In recent content curation, Creato has extended the reach to find my loyal audience, who would really give suggestions on what I should pay my effort to, increasing engagement for a broad set of audience who now share their ideas in a collaborative environment.

I started a Dare on Creato and asked my friends and audience to vote for which action camera analysis they would like to watch, I gave them a few options. The process was lit! During the one-week, my audience began to send me messages requesting content on other action cameras (which were not in any of the options I provided), and they began a heated discussion with me.

I have learned a lot more from my audience, knowing that the next content I create will be guaranteed what they like.


Andy Kong

"Creato has brought me and my audience closer together. As travel has been idled for a while, I have been struggling on what to create next. Creato is an innovative way for me to reach out of my comfort zone and learn more about the community I have built, it allows me to focus on my audience more."


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