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Valentina Cho
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Val has earned $778 !


Cho Chin Tung (Val) loves singing since a young age. At the age of 12, she participated in a  singing contest "The Voice" which was organised by TVB in Hong Kong. After 12 years , Val has made a comeback by participating in other contest organised by ViuTV, "The King Maker  4" . Val's stable singing performance in the competition won a lot supporter's heart!

Although Val didn't have the chance to sign a contract with any of the producers, she led her own girl group - Strayz - with other contestants independently! She started by uploading music and singing videos online.  





As an Early Adopter: Val said......

Earlier before, Val opened a DareMe at Creato, with the title: "VAL's cooking skills exploded! She will cook whatever you want!" Audience and fans can leave comments or vote. Val opened this DareMe in the hope that creation is no longer just her thing, but  audience can also participate in the creation of her works.

Since opening DareMe, Val has actively promoted her DareMe on her social platform. For example, she uploaded DareMe screenshots on Instagram from time to time. She also put her DareMe link on her own linktree. In order to let more fans to know her DareMe and vote, Val posted a link of her DareMe on her fan group and called on her fans to vote.

The audience responded enthusiastically to Val's DareMe. Val ended up earned  a total of 2,435 donuts which is equivalent to about HK$778. After the results came out, most people voted for "fish ball noodles", with 1108 donuts supporting it!

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