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Violencevee has earned $135 US dollars at Creato  !


Violencevee, a YouTuber with over 50,000 subscribers. Initially, her YouTube channel focused on sharing travel Vlogs. Later on, because of her career and interests, she began to shoot reviewing videos related to video equipment.

Violencevee : "I only tell the truth, so all the reviews you see here are the real feeling of me after trying the products" With her real and humorous style, Violencevee has gradually gained reputation in the products review world. .





As an Early Adopter: Violencevee said......

Earlier before, Violencevee opened her  first Dare me at Creto, the title is: Runaway Taipei Street Shooting Plan: Zhongzheng District, where should I go to shoot? Audience and fans can use donuts to comment or vote.


Since the opening of Dare me, Violencevee has promoted her DareMe on  social platforms. For example, she uploaded screenshots of her DareMe on Instagram from time to time and appeal the audiences and fans to actively participate. She even opened a YouTube live broadcast.  In the video, she  mentioned a lot about Creato and her DareMe.

The audience responded actively to the violenlencevee's DareMe, which ended up with a total of 2,528 doughnuts. It is equivalent to about $250. After the results were released, most people voted for Dongmen Market as the shooting venue for the Taipei Street Shooting Plan, with 1,511 donuts supporting it!

In order to thank the audience for their support, all super fans who voted for Dongmen Market can get Violenencevee street postcards.

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