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Talk to our creator: Nicole Aloha @Thailand

Category: Free-diving/GoPro/Outdoor

Intro: Nicole Aloha - GoPro Thailand

Nicole is a free-diving instructor in Thailand, who posts wonderful underwater content creations on her YouTube channel - "Nicole. Aloha". Nicole loves to share colourful travel blogs using a GoPro to stimulate creativity!

How did Nicole begin her content creation journey?

Around 6-7 years ago, Nicole graduated from school and had a chance to travel with her friends. She brought a GoPro camera for recording her upcoming journey. At that time, Nicole managed to learn free-diving and shooting with a GoPro underwater. She loves to create short videos and take selfies. Hence, GoPro became a very handy choice for her to shoot and record everything funny during free-diving in south Thailand.

After years of practice, Nicole is able to use GoPro naturally which fits her content style. Although Nicole starts free-diving as a hobby, she realizes that free-diving is something she is in love with and would love to continue as her career.

"[It is always enjoyable] to share the experience of diving and the beauty of underwater, using [GoPro] along my journey," Nicole added.

photo: IG@nicole.aloha

Where does Nicole get inspiration for her content?

Nicole is not a strict video planner who will plan out all the details beforehand. Instagram and other social media platforms are mostly the sources she gets inspired by. When Nicole thinks some reels are interesting, such as using a boat to walk underwater, she will insert all the creative ideas into her underwater content. Videos become more unique as a way to present Nicole's style and image.

Furthermore, Nicole tries to add a new perspective to her content creation — storytelling! Instead of beautiful free-diving clips and pictures, Nicole wants to add storylines to the videos which allows the content to be more meaningful and remarkable.

photo: IG@nicole.aloha

Scuba dive or Free dive?

"Actually I started scuba-diving before free-diving but I found that scuba-diving is not my style because you need to bring a lot of gears underwater."

"And the photos are not pretty when you are doing scuba-diving. The swimsuit is all black and lacks fashion elements, " Nicole explained.

Free-diving allows divers to explore a shallow water region with their bikinis on. The shallow water region receives more sunlight which makes it perfect for shooting and photo-taking. Therefore, free-diving is definitely the choice for Nicole!

photo: IG@nicole.aloha

Challenges that Nicole faces during content creation

While uploading lots of free-diving videos on social media platforms, Nicole receives job opportunities from her audience. Nicole is delighted to make a living as a free-diving instructor. Yet, she has to find her way to accomplish the unknown and challenging tasks. It becomes a very good motivation to improve Nicole's diving skills, career path and so on.

"Lately, I just got a job from Watson's. They asked me to do ads about mixing underwater and beauty shopping in Watson's," Nicole introduced.

Combining underwater content and anything on land is a new challenge, Nicole will need to acquire some intriguing ideas to make it happen. Let's look forward to Nicole's creative work!

photo: IG@nicole.aloha

Nicole shares her content creation journey in the podcast. Want to know more about Nicole?

Click the photo below!

GoPro Trainer - Ron Ng (adventuresofron)
Free-diver - Nicole Aloha

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