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Unlocking the potential of Generative AI in telecommunication

Generative AI and telecommunication

In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, both Verizon and Telia are leveraging generative AI to enhance operations and customer experiences. At Mobile World Congress 2024, Telia's Rainer Deutschmann emphasized the importance of establishing a robust data foundation to unleash the potential of generative AI. This involves integrating common data sources into a data lake and ensuring employee readiness for the technology's transformative effects. Similarly, Verizon's Srini Kalapala highlighted the integration of generative AI into security products and customer service to enhance fraud detection and improve productivity. Both companies prioritize workforce preparation, offering tools and training to familiarize employees with AI applications. Additionally, Telia fosters employee engagement through 'Gen AI Friday' events. However, Deutschmann advises aligning experimental efforts with scalable production architecture for successful integration. As telcos navigate the evolving landscape of generative AI, workforce readiness remains a crucial aspect of implementation.

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