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​Videography with AI

​Course overview

  • Basic operation, principles and technique of filming & editing

  • Introduction of AI in script writing & video editing

  • Learn about cameras & associated gear

  • Mini-project to put learning into practice

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​Digital Graphic Design & Illustration

​Course overview

  • Graphic design vs illustration

  • Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign

  • ​Adobe photoshop - Introduction to to photo editing

  • Logo design & Brand theory

  • ​Golden Ratio in Design

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​Stop Motion Animation

​Course overview

  • Introduction to stop motion animation

  • Focus on student interest

  • ​Zoom or face-to-face

​Career Design as Slasher

​Course overview

  • Career development as a slasher

  • Why slasher and what skills to possess?

  • What to expect when being slasher

  • Expectation versus reality in slasher career development

"The instructors were very passionate in participating within the events and gave us many suggestions, I learnt many things during this workshop.There were also many random comedic moments that I absolutely loved. Keep up the good work!"

Harvey Chen, Student

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