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Shell  has earned $  !


Shell, a Hong Kong Youtuber who has moved to Taiwan alone. She opened his YouTube  channel - Shell. "A Girl Goes to Taiwan" four years ago. Her creative content mainly focuses on life and travel. Shell is a Hong Kong girl who loves nature and outdoor activities, so she like to shoot  videos about different scenic spots in Taiwan. Among them, Shell's "Hong Kong People Walking Around the Island" video series is the most  popular!


Before immigrating to Taiwan, Shell was a registered nurse. After settling in Taiwan, she began to shoot "a person's life video" . Shell's cheerful character has attracted many fans to support her! 

As an Early Adopter: Shell said......

Earlier before, Shell opened a DareMe in Creato with the title: "It is my birthday! Can you give me birthday Donuts", audience and fans can use donuts to act as Shell's birthday present.

Since opening DareMe, Shell has actively promoted her DareMe on her social platform. For example, she uploaded DareMe screenshots on Instagram from time to time. Besides, she put her DareMe link on her Instagram Bio to let more fans to know about her DareMe and  vote.

The audience has responded enthusiastically to Shell's DareMe. In the end, Shell won a total of 6,470 donuts which  equivalent to about HK$. Among the two ways Shell proposed  to thank  the audience (give me donuts and I will shot a video/give me donuts and I will eat a lot for you to see), more people vote for the former , there are 3486 sweets. Donut Support!

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