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Tracy Chow
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Tracy has earned $  !

Tracy Chow, Chow Cheuk Ying is a professional Hong Kong sports dancer, representing Hong Kong in Latin and standard dance. Tracy has also appeared on a beauty pageant reality show before. This show has successfully raised people awareness about her.
Tracy's content creation is mainly about how to make videos. Her content  is more lively at present which allow the audience to acknowledge the other side of a professional athlete's career.



As an Early Adopter: Tracy said......

Recently, Tracy opened a DareMe in Creato, with the title: "Want to watch my daily Vlog or  HIIT?" Audience and fans can use donuts to make comments or vote. Tracy opened this DareMe in the hope that creation is no longer just her thing but the audience can also participate in the creation of her works.

Since opening DareMe, Tracy has frequently promoted her DareMe through her social platform. For example, she uploaded DareMe screenshots on Instagram from time to time to let more fans know about her DareMe and appeal to her  fans to actively participate in the voting.

The audience's response to Tracy's DareMe was good. Tracy won a total of 410 donuts at the end, which is equivalent to HK$. By looking at the result, most people voted for HIIT, with 256 donuts supporting it!

Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 2.46.33 PM.png

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