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Public Speaking 



Course Overview

This course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and techniques to effectively articulate their ideas, and build confidence in public speaking.

With a focus on verbal & non-verbal communication skills, students will learn to understand their target audience, deliver persuasive presentations, and communicate confidently in public settings.

The course will also explore the power of storytelling in design presentations and challenge students to pitch something they dislike as if they love it.

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Topic 1

Knowing Your Audience

  • Listen actively to develop innovative thinking

  • Creating audience personas and understanding who they are and what matters to them

  • Adapting pitches and presentations to different audience types

  • Crafting a compelling value proposition

Audience and Lecturer

Topic 2

Foundations of Presentation Skills

  • Fundamentals of public speaking

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills

  • Developing confidence and overcoming stage fright

  • Pitch practices: impromptu talk, pechakucha and 5 on 5 pitches

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Topic 3

Persuasive Storytelling in Design Presentations

  • Mindset preparation in a successful pitching

  • Grabbing your audience's attention through storytelling techniques and data

  • Magic framework: Structuring a persuasive narrative for presentations

  • Incorporating visuals, anecdotes, and emotional appeals

Image by Teemu Paananen

Topic 4

Power of Persuasion

  • Pitching what you dislike as if you love it: the art of persuasion

  • Developing empathy and understanding for different perspectives

  • Finding value in unexpected places and challenging assumptions

  • How to leveraging persuasive techniques in Q&A

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Intended Learning Outcome

What students can take away from the course


Articulate effectively to target audience.


Present ideas convincingly, leveraging persuasive techniques.


Apply persuasive storytelling techniques in design presentations.


Analysis, adapt, and respond to audience rapidly under a public speaking occasion. 

"The instructors were very passionate in participating within the events and gave us many suggestions, I learnt many things during this workshop.There were also many random comedic moments that I absolutely loved. Keep up the good work!"

Harvey Chen, Student

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