Tips on how to get your community excited about DareMe and engage more!

1. Give them some quick advice on what to do with a DareMe (i.e. you can bet on a Dare / Dare a creator) 2. Be very simple and brief when setting up a title for your DareMe. Cut the fluff and give them short, specific instructions 3. Encourage interaction and support between members 4. Attaching guides, like worksheets or YouTube videos 5. Offering exclusive rewards for paying audience 6. Integrate media like popular movies or songs 7. Let people know you’re going to release the results of your DareMe at the end, and when. 8. Provide a short video to explain your DareMe, be enthusiastic! 9. Recommend that DareMe are related to things out of your normal scope of creation, to create curiosity. 10. Tell your audience the deadline of this DareMe, create urgency! 11. Let them know the direct benefits of betting on a Dare / Dare a creator (i.e. co-creating and exclusive content) 12. Credit your paid audience when you release the results of your DareMe 13. Make your DareMe attractive! Use words that can attract people to click into your DareMe.


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