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Talk to our creator: Patrick Marahay - @Dubai

Category: Gopro/Photography/Outdoors

Intro: Patrick Marahay-GoPro Dubai

Patrick Marahay is a Filipino who lives in Dubai with his family. Working as a full-time content creator, Patrick uses GoPro to record amazing places he and his family have explored around the world. You may find those incredible clips on his YouTube channel - "Family Adventures" to enjoy the moments!

A real dream trip to France by GoPro!

In 2016, Patrick participated in the DreamReal contest held by GoPro. The travel footage filled with family fun presented by Patrick in the DreamReal submission caught GoPro's attention. After winning the DreamReal competition, Patrick told GoPro that “we have thought of how does it feel if we can get to experience sparkling white snow instead of the sandy desert mountains? It will be a magical moment for us to see everything covered with snow.”

That's how the Marahay family accomplished their dream trip to France, where they could find a white Christmas. The Maracay family was simply overjoyed as they were sent to French Alps to experience a rich itinerary of ski lessons, tubing, dog sledding, snow karting and even a Mont Blanc helicopter tour.

“We embraced the chill weather and were eager to go outside and make a snow angel yet the coldness stung like a scorpion! When [the kids] saw snow for the first time it gave them hope that Santa is real, ” Patrick exclaimed.

photo: IG@gopro_patrick

How did the DreamReal trip change Patrick's content creation?

Witnessing the geographical differences between Dubai and France, Patrick had to adjust the colour chart of his videos. Dubai is a country surrounded by reddish-yellow deserts while France is full of snow mountains and green scenery. The colourful video content of the French trip gave Patrick a new perspective of replacing his horizontal colour chart with a vertical one.

" It's really a game-changer as the trip was an eye-opener to me. Back then, I don't usually shoot videos unless it was a part of my ongoing project in which I hold a GoPro stick doing a 360-degree background [shooting]."

Yet, Patrick saw the advantages of recording video with GoPro after the trip and it was also the time he started recording videos instead of photo-taking. Patrick's three-year-old daughter Joaquinne has become the star of his video as she loves to show her excitement only in front of the camera.

How to balance shooting and enjoy the moment?

I believe everyone would have been through a situation like this: when you are visiting a beautiful place where you want to record the breathtaking views or moments, you find it hard to choose to watch with your own eyes or through the camera. As a content creator, you have to make sure there is enough footage for you to combine into a content-enriched video.

Patrick shared his way of striking a balance between shooting and enjoying the moment. During the French trip, he brought four GoPros, distributed three to his daughters who wore them on their heads or chests, and shared one with his wife. When the Marahay family wants to film interesting moments, they simply turn the GoPro on and all the wonderful contents are captured.

"When I came back here[Dubai], I had like a 20 GB of files and I'll send all of them to GoPro for them to stream down. They will also send me some footage for memories. There's no script for us and everything is natural." GoPro allows the Marahay family to show their pure happiness behind the camera lens.

photo: IG@gopro_patrick

The path to becoming a GoPro family member !

It is always about being recognized in the large pool of content creators. A couple of years ago, GoPro went viral and everyone wanted to be a part of the GoPro family, including Patrick. He then asked some family members of GoPro about how to become one of them. Some of them said, " just be yourself and keep posting!" After more than two years of constant posting, Patrick successfully made himself a GoPro family member because of his creative family adventure series around the UAE.

Patrick can still recall how thrilled he was when he received the offer as a GoPro family member. " In July 2016, GoPro approached me on Instagram message and asked me for my email address. The email heading was the invitation of being a part of the GoPro family. " We can see GoPro embraces a variety of content creators, from professional athletes to creative family adventures. Post crazy fantastic clips and you may have the chance to become one of them too!

photo: IG@gopro_patrick

Patrick's tips for anyone who wants to be a content creator?

"Adapt to the changing trend!"

If you are interested in becoming a content creator, you must admit that the world is changing every minute and second. Adapting to the latest trend is crucial to all the content creators because the audience would love to know what's going on around the world since they might not have the opportunity to join themselves. Watching videos and interacting with their beloved content creators are what the audience expects.

"Don't let the algorithm stops you from creating your content."

Patrick suggested that we can first establish and create our own brand. Never let the algorithm stops you from creating your meaningful and creative content.

photo: IG@gopro_patick

Patrick Marahay shares about his content creation journey in the podcast. Want to know more about Patrick Marahay?

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