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Talk to our creator:Rudy Meyer - @France


Intro: Rudy Meyer-GoPro France

Rudy Meyer is an extreme sport enthusiast, especially in BMX and snowboarding. He is now working as a freelancer in various aspects. His YouTube channel - "GoPro START RECORDING" covers tutorials on how to use a GoPro to stimulate their creativities!

How did Rudy Meyer begin his relationship with GoPRO?

Rudy Meyer was a marketing and brand management student. Therefore, he learned how to manage a brand very well. However, ideas have always been in his head until he could think of a way emerging it with sports.

One day on his way to work, he grabbed his phone and scrolled to his friend's Instagram story (who was an intern at GoPro at that time), he found that GoPro was looking for a promoter. Rudy was interested in it and joined as a GoPro promoter at that time. That was how Rudy started his relationship with GoPro.

Being an active member in the event promoter team, Rudy would like to bond with every members and every teams from across the globe at GoPro.

photo: IG@rudymeyerbmx

What challenges did Rudy face as a content creator?

Rudy mentioned that what to create and how to create would be the two obvious challenges every content creator need to face. Beyond these, Rudy added that the lighting and the weather are such a pain in content creating as well. (which can be really unpredictable!)

Rudy pointed out that one day you can go to one location that is all sunny, but the other day it could be raining and foggy which makes it hard for the photos to look good. Rudy still remember once when he visited his friend Anthony in Lapland, a ski resort in France, it was snowing, at that time he didn't notice that there was snow stuck on his lenses. But after that he looked back at the clips and realised that there were snowflakes stuck onto his camera too, and the photos got all blurry.

Although there were always unexpectancies in Rudy's creation journey, he confirmed that if you know your way around the settings and the post-production editing process, then every aspects of content creation is just fun.

photo: IG@rudymeyerbmx

Rudy's favourite trip or content?

Rudy mentioned his favourite trip is when he went to Australia for studying. It was a solo trip while studying abroad. Although he had friends that came from France with him, he got the flexibility of creating content. In that trip, he even got the chance to meet friends around the world. He has also did a crazy road trip from Cairns to Brisbane. Those places just all stuck in his head!

photo: IG@rudymeyerbmx

Rudy's plan for 2022

Rudy mentioned there are three things he wants to achieve in 2022.

Firstly, he wants to go into an amusing theme park like Disneyland and be left in this place with all his camera gears and create as many content as possible.

Second, he would like to do more stuff with the GoPro guru project and connect with people more.

Lastly, he wants to do a world trip and visit every single Gurus like Brazil, Italy ,New Zealand, Taiwan and Singapore, etc.

photo: IG@rudymeyerbmx

Rudy Meyer shares about his content creation journey in the podcast. Want to know more about Rudy Meyer?

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