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Talk to our creator: Max The Sensei | The Winner of Nikon & MG Video Contest | @Dubai

Category: Travel/Life/Video

Intro: Maxim Betisor(Max The Sensei) - Dubai videographer & photographer

Maxim Betisor is a videographer, photographer and social media specialist based in Dubai. He is also the winner of Nikon & MG video contest!

Being a photography enthusiast, Max captures and shares every incredible moments on his social media, webpage and YouTube channel - "MaxTheSensei". In his YouTube channel, he does travel comparisons, product reviews, tutorials and vlog.

How did Max start his creative journey?

When Max was young, he loved to take out with camera. He even mentioned that his dad used to have an old VHS(the one you keep on your shoulder)! Since childhood, Max is already a lover towards cameras!

Once Max came to Dubai, he started working in a few retail store before he became a full time fledged videographer. Usually after work, Max grabbed his camera and went enjoying and shooting, not for money, not for anything, it’s just a way for him to depart from all the stress during the day ; it’s a ways to escape ; it was his gateway to a peaceful mind.

As Max loves to do it, he later developed a desire to what he wanted to move forward. Max wanted to move out of the store excuse to have a job and do more with the camera. He asked himself from time to time. He even worked for free for different brands on his day off because he just loves it so much! He started with photo and then slowly changed it into video. Later on, he found that he fell in love with it more and more into the point where he realised he could sustain himself and pay the rent/pay on the bill as a full-time. Therefore, he transitioned somewhere around three years ago where he started doing freelance professionals!

Source: IG@maxthesensei

Challenges Max faces as a full-time content creator/freelancer

Max claimed that It was challenging for him to be a full-time content creator but what is really help is that he really loves teaching. The teaching experience before in Apple helped him developed passion about teaching, explaining, breaking it down and going down to people.

Meanwhile, his experience before also helped him to develop the network. Some of his students have recommended him to different content agencies. Max mentioned it was challenging to deal with different agencies. Maybe he is great with using the camera and great with editing but in an agency feel, he may have to be great at selling. "Do you happen to be great as describing of that video of a project to a client?", questioned by Max.

Source: IG@maxthesensei

What keeps Max going? what motivate Max?

"You have to love it! if you don’t , you really have to injuries because there’s going to be problems."

"Always remember where I’m coming from, what do you do and what you’re doing right now and where would you want to be?"

Source: IG@maxthesensei

Max's favourite content that he made

Max mentioned his favourite content are the stupid videos he made on his personal YouTube channel. Those videos that are made with his wife is a kind of mental separation for Max.

"Once you work for client as much as you want to import your own creative thoughts into the project". Though others may think those videos are stupid, Max loves them so much!

Source: YouTube@MaxTheSensei

Max - Creato BSK for videos

Max mentioned that everyone can learn the technical aspects and what really makes you stand out is learning the pacing of the edit.

"Once you are editing the video, just switch off the music and see how it feel!"

Source: IG@maxthesensei

Max - Creato BSK for photography

Max recommends people to do photography by their phones. They can learn the basics of taking photos by just using phone! If people understand the basics, they will know how to break the rules and further expand them to a professional camera.

Source: IG@maxthesensei

Max shares his content creation journey in the podcast. Want to know more about Max?

Click the video below!

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