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Talk to our creator: Abu Phampi @UAE

Category: GoPro/Ocean/Desert

Intro: Abu Phampi - GoPro Middle East

Abu is a Middle East GoPro Ambassador who loves SUP, Wing foiling and also desert driving. Being a sports enthusiast, he captures and shares incredible moments with his family and friends on his social media and his YouTube channel - "Abu Phampi".

How did Abu begin his content creation journey?

"Looking deep into history, I always have had something for storytelling and even video editions at some point because when you look back at your childhood or when you're a teenager, I always find this moment where I was the one who liked to do a video compilation with tools that we had back in the days," Abu recalled.

People start by trying something new. It can be a hobby, a task or an experience. Abu is not like other content creators who try to shoot videos as a hobby. Abu has been a pro of technology for a long time when he still needed to operate with certain things which we don't have today. Abu's determination to tell stories with videos and pictures begins early.

photo: IG@abuphampi

How did Abu start a relationship with GoPro?

Back in 2014, Abu's wife offered a GoPro Hero 3 Plus to him. The trigger to join the GoPro family was at the time when Abu started to get into desert driving in Abu Dhabi with an association. Abu's wifi thought it would be great to document the different evolving manoeuvres and trips with a gadget. The GoPro Hero 3 Plus was robust and able to give Abu what he wanted to have.

It was also the time when social media platforms went viral. For instance, Instagram launched many activities. On top of the exploding platform, the GoPro communities (both official and unofficial) shared the stock. Abu began to meet different people on the ground, sharing tips, networking with these people and getting inspired by each other. Three years later, consistently shared some of the moments they had, and the relationship with GoPro Middle East kind of started...

photo: IG@abuphampi

How did GoPro influence Abu and other content creators?

Abu was surely not the first to refer that GoPro cameras are amazing in how they impacted many different creators in a similar way. Starting to film about desert driving, Abu went for a GoPro action camera but...

''Life changes and evolves for all of us, some of us formed families and GoPro didn't become a spare camera when we had our firstborn. GoPro became the main camera of the house."

It's very interesting because the camera was created to be an action sports camera but when Abu or anybody became a father, you would go through all the new struggles of taking care of a baby.

photo: IG@abuphampi

Have Abu imagined how his life would be without GoPro?

"I sincerely cannot imagine it. I might do what I do with other similar or top-of-range action cameras but I don't think I would have entered into this spiral," Abu told us.

Abu would definitely enjoy SUP because that's a big part of his content and undoubtedly his true hobby. Abu is also into wind foiling and desert driving as they are great outdoor activities for him. Yet, Abu believes that he won’t appreciate these things as much as he does now before he entered into the content creation cycle.

Abu doesn't do things because he needs videos, nor make videos to collect followers.

"I make videos because it's my passion to create digital art, at the end to create stories for my family and my personal record. "

GoPro becomes an extension of Abu's body when he goes outdoors. It simply makes him be more active and wants to go out more. No wonder Abu couldn't imagine a life without GoPro! It is very important to shape who he is and the things around him.

photo: IG@abuphampi

Abu shares his content creation journey in the podcast. Want to know more about Abu?

Click the photo below!

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