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Is AI with Consciousness possible?

AI consciousness

The idea of AI consciousness is the talk of the town these days. Some researchers are starting to explore it. The debate of AI consciousness continues raised from different experts. On one hand, OpenAI's Chief Scientist, Ilya Sutskever stated that advanced AI might possess certain level of consciousness and some further explained that an early chatbot actually exhibited sentience. On the other hand, Patrick Hall from the department of Decision Sciences at George Washington University said that machine learning in AI is not the direct pathway to consciousness.

Furthermore, A philosophical and ethical questions have been raised, determining whether AI is conscious. Consciousness is defined as autonomous action and self-awareness. John T. Behrens mentioned that AI may has some perspectives of consciousness but remains fundamentally different like AI contains autonomous action instead of self-awareness which is the symbol of human consciousness.

To conclude, the advancement of generative AI brings human with both enthusiasm and confusion. It is seen that the intersection of technology and ethics remains a critical point in this revolution of the world.

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