5 Reasons Why We Support Content Creators with Donuts - FACTS!

Platform that makes it easier for creators to get paid

With the rise of Web 2.0 products where social medias were born, the word "influencers", "KOL" or "YouTuber" have come live during the past 10 years. More people wanting to become a creator, and some even want to turn it into a full-time job or as a profession.

Creato, a funding platform is now available to provide an easy way to get paid for hundreds of thousands of creators. The platform makes it easier for creators to build community of supporters and raise funds for their content by stripping away friction with alternative fundraising platforms such as Patreon. With Creato, creators will no longer create content alone.

1. Challenges That Creators Face

Limited Revenue Opportunities

When we think of content creators, examples include YouTubers and TikTokers creating content for their fans. This often results in limited revenue opportunities such as merchandise, subscriptions, ad revenue or tipping which, in practice, is only sustainable for the top 1% of creators who have amassed large followings. Today, creator platforms are taking too much income away from the actual creator - they do not provide options for creators to be discovered through their algorithms and few provide direct ownership where all stakeholders have a financial upside based on their contributions.

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Unreliable Ad Revenue

Almost all YouTube channels make money through ads that are played before, during, and after their videos.

While advertising revenue is nice as an additional stream of income, to make a living purely off ad-revenue can be difficult.

That’s because your income will be inconsistent and you’re putting the fate of your brand and content in the hands of a 3rd-party platform.

Compared to other video monetisation models, YouTube’s ad revenue generates the lowest rates of return for creators. It is because...

  1. There are high barriers to enter: to be eligible for Youtube’s AdSense you need to have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 valid watch hours in the past year. You also need to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program and follow all of YouTube’s channel monetization policies and community guideline policies.

  2. YouTub takes a cut of your ad revenue: YouTube takes nearly half of creator’s ad revenue.

  3. You’re underpaid: YouTubers earn less than the US poverty line and it takes millions of views per month to generate a solid profit from ad revenue.

  4. You can get demonetized: you and/or your videos can get randomly and instantly demonetized. You have limited control over your income and you’re not part of the decision-making process about what videos get demonetized or how the YouTube ad algorithm changes.

Limited Opportunity to Interact & Engage

While other platforms may focus on monetisation, including membership and annual subscriptions. What makes Creato so useful for creators is that, unlike other platforms, supporters don't need to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription or even create an account. Instead of purely just donating to creators, supporters actually participate in the creators' content by giving ideas, while creators realising it. Supporters simply head to the creator's DareMe and become a "SuperFan", costs (50 Donuts ~USD35). The whole process is designed to feel much more friendly and less transactional than asking fans to sign up for a subscription, making it easier for creators to monetise their content.

2. What is Creato? - Create Content with Fans and Get Paid Doing It.

What is CREATO? The best way for creators and fans to create content together. We are here to empower 6M+ content creators to turn creativities into sustainable professions, powered by an interactive co-creation experience with fans communities.

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3. Why Support Creators with Donuts?

Creato's features allow creators to go further in building a direct relationship with their supporters and monetizing their content. Fans can make comment of ideas when making a contribution, which lets them participate in the creator's journey. Superfans (paid supporters) will receive extras such as exclusive videos, zoom event ticket links, art commissions, ebooks in return. Having all this functionality in one place lets creators focus on creating rather than managing their business.

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As Supporters, if you would like to ..

  • take action in supporting your favourite creators

  • participant in content creations

  • express your ideas

  • challenge creators

  • become creator's partner in content creation journey

Sign up on Creato now and start your journey!

Know more about Creato: 全新創作平台Creato正式推出!讓觀眾直接支持創作者 — 成為創作資金的動力來源!課金從此變得有意義?


Sign up on Creato and get exclusive rewards now!

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We are here to empower 6M+ content creators to turn creativities into sustainable professions, powered by an interactive co-creation experience with fans communities.

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